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Our Precured Tread Rubber is produced with the finest natural and synthetic rubber, high-tech carbon black and chemicals of proven quality. We have installed the latest & efficient Hydraulic press for making of our precured tread rubber. We use best alloy moulds for giving the perfect finish to the tread rubber. Each & every batch of Arihant Oil & Chemicals, rubber conpound produced has to undergo stringent tests to ensure that it is of required consistency and specification for final product quality. Our precured rubber is custom-built in a wide variety of tyre designs and sizes, for heavy trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. We can make the Tread Rubber according to customer's requirement & specifications. Benefits of using our Precured Tread Rubber excellent tread wear maximum mileage good resistance to chipping and chucking good wet traction low heat build up good weathering and ageing resistance very low rolling resistance, thereby leading to substantial reductions in fuel consumption Other than the Precured Tread Rubber, we are also manufacturing other Tyre Retreading materials as mentioned below: Cushion Gum Black Vulkansing Cement Tire Retreading
  • 2015-03-12T05:42:40

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