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We are the Importer & supplier of Neoprene Rubber / Skyprene Rubber B-30. Neoprene B30 Skyprene used in moulding , extrusion Curing Systems: Adhesive Grades •Metal Oxide / Accelerator Properties: •Very high tensile strength, resistance to abrasion, Oils, Solvents, weather. Oxygen, Ozone, heat and flame. Applications: •Wire and Cable, Power Cable, Service entrance and Drop fire, Ship wiring, Portable cables & Cord. Hose: •Industrial and automatic hose, Garden hose, Oil suction and Discharge hose. Fire hose, Curb pump hose, Oil delivery hose & Air hose. Belts: •Conveyor belts for industrial and mining services, V-belts & Power transmission belt. Moulded & Extruded Items: •Gaskets, Bridge and building bearings, Cellular products. Other Uses: •Adhesives, Coated fabrics, Sole and heals, Roofs coating. For further details & minimum price offer on Neoprene Rubber B 30 Skyprene , please contact us at: Email : Tel : +91-9899447115
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