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We are the Biggest manufacturer & suppliers of Tire Buffings in India. Arihant Oil & Chemicals offers a unique line of extremely clean, ready-for- manufacturing, recycled rubber products in a variety of shapes and sizes. These products are taken and turned immediately into every day items like rubber flooring, mats, playground or gardening mulch, as well as sports surfaces, running tracks, and sound insulation. All Arihant Oil & Chemicals products are screened and cleaned thoroughly ensuring the recycled rubber products do not include contaminants like stones, metal or fibers. Offered in fine, medium, and large sizes (contact us for specific sizing), Arihant Oil & Chemicals sells some of the cleanest recycled rubber buffings and mulch available today. Mulch products are ideal for applications like rubber mats, flooring products, and even playground and gardening mulch. For further detailed specifications & minimum price offer on Rubber Buffings, please contact us at: Email : Tel : +91-9899447115
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